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CCTV Footage of Swimming Pool When Earthquake !

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A 7.9-greatness seismic tremor has struck Nepal and India, slaughtering more than 1100 individuals. The most extreme harm was found in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, where structures given way, supposedly bringing about various wounds. SHARE THIS VIDEO IF YOU LIKED IT

Mystery Clouds Make People Stunned

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These clouds will blow our mind, this mysterical thing has happened in the sea coast area, now you can watch the complete footage here which is made by using drones and artificial recorders of the events share this video if you liked it,

Benefits of Curd in your Diet

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health benefits of curd, see what will happen to your body if you have curd regularly in your diet. Healthy diet is necessary for better health. Watch this helpful health video

What to do If you bitten by Snake – First Aid

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What to do if you get poinsoned by snake bite ? this is what you can do if you are poisoned by bite of a snake, this is really helpful video which you can follow if you or any of your friends get bitten by snake. share this helpful

Star Dileep’s Name Is Being Used for Irrelevant Activities

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A shocking news on kind of fraudlent man who got arrested recently. He has been using star actor Dileep name for making irrelevant money transfering. Do watch the video Share this information news, subscribe for more news!