Improve Photo Quality in Android

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One of the points that improves daily in our Android phone is the camera. The sensors and lenses are increasingly higher quality and provide users an amazing experience. However, users often do not know how to squeeze the most of the features of its terminals.

That is why we will explain some tips to improve the manual mode on your phone . Obviously, if your phone is not a near high – end will not afford to have these controls, so make sure your device is

When we shoot our pictures we usually do with automatic camera mode. If your device does not have an open enough will raise the ISO focal aperture automatically . To avoid this, try not to shoot over ISO 100 or 200 during the day.

At night you can upload something else, but try not exceed 800. The automatic ISO climbs excessively to capture more light , but in return for this we have the typical loss of detail found in the night shots. Caring ISO get sharper photos without noise.

Discover the possibilities of the shutter speed

The shutter speed is a great forgotten in mobile photography, but next – generation devices and to modify it , and you know your chances. The faster you shoot your camera, less light enters and vice versa .

As mentioned before, you have to avoid high ISO. Lowering the shutter speed you can make more light in your photo without raising the ISO . You’ll be playing with her famous effects of “light painting” like so much by social networks and many more that you will discover interesting effects.

Exposure controls

Another major Android feature forgotten in the photograph is the exhibition. Usually we let our mobile expose as you like, and this is a big mistake . Proof of this is that top-end phones can get to overexpose a sky in a gruesome way, while the user is left without knowing what to do.

You only need to lose a little exposure to not have too much information on your picture. If you see that you need some light not worry, because with a light touch on any program can be arranged .

Shoot in RAW for best results

The RAW format is simply required to get the best quality in a photograph. With him we get a “negative” photography, which can edit all parameters . Shooting in JPEG lose enough picture information, and when editing are very limited.

Try to shoot in RAW for further processing in applications like Snapseed. Instantly you will notice that you can edit your photos in a much more precise way , you ‘ll have control of all parameters and you can make a photograph of a work of art lot if you know how to edit.

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